Tuesday, March 10, 2009

on A tuesDAY

i had porridge and coffee at Theresa's late this morning with my friend Ryan. each of us stoned already. turns out we both brought our new toy's and decided after breaklunch we would get more stoned, grab some props and go take some timed photo's.
we decided the picture made starting a band together one of those things you have to do. if not just imagine you will and organize and think up everything your band is going to be like...what kinda music, name, and what would we wear. ours was going to be weird dance music called Landon and lace. but we changed into leather and lace.
i'd have a sharp stick i'd jab at the audience. i would sing and Ryan would play synth. a really tall synth.
so when i got to the vintage store i just HAD TO BUY those cute little lace gloves.
we parted ways, and all i wanted to do was still take pictures.
sure wish i had a model to photo...oh no wait! how bout use myself and the self timer! this ways i can play dress up too! self portrait time...

i changed my batteries 3 times


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