Monday, January 26, 2009

little girls ALL grown up..

i bet you never expect this to happen to your child!!
did anyone else know these two were the same person??!! (ya ya i know nobody cares but seriously..jesus christ!)

those were the days

( photo by jason fisher)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

hey stay at home dad's!! here's how you manipulate your body...

...and feel the burn.

"you know the onesie isn't going to break"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

to tip or not to tip.

I'm not going to go into huge details about why I'm writing this. but let's just say, i got into a little debate with someone about tipping your server today.
now, although i serve and sometimes give bad service, still wanting a tip no matter what...deep down i know sometimes i don't fucking deserve it and i agree that you DO NOT have to tip if your server is real shitty.
but, the system is , albeit stupid to some, still the system. we get paid shit money to put up with people that are treating us like slaves sometimes. they pay us nothing based on the idea that we get tips. so when people who ignore you when you're asking them if you want a refill, some water, ask you to turn the heat off, turn it on, move tables around so your fat ass can fit somewhere, clean up after your baby, watch your bag for you, help you to the bathroom if your old, find somewhere for your stroller, apologize for things that are totally out of your control and give you discounts when you think your eggs weren't cooked to the way you wanted them...even though you said you didn't care how they were cooked, give you rim job, a fucking back massage etc etc, you know, you get paid by them to do that shit with a smile. if you pay shit money and don't tip when said things are done for you, it's like having a maid and paying them the cheapest amount you can and not allowing them weekends off cause you have tea parties on Sunday's after country club and you want a maid to serve you and your lady friends. we literally SERVE you. so fuck off, if you don't want to tip don't go out for dinner. because you know what...if you're fucking cheap, buy your own groceries, make your own meals. serve yourself. because no matter how you slice it, going out for meals is A FUCKING LUXURY...SO DON'T ACT LIKE IT'S YOUR DAMN RIGHT TO GET SERVED FOR NEXT TO NOTHING...IT'S FUCKING NOOOT. don't complain about the mark up of food when you buy 7 of all man kind and even cheap Monday jeans that are made for 3 dollars and sold for 90 dollars and up. when you go out for drinks and buy 80 dollars of blow so you can stay up to drink more, when you just have to buy that fucking fixed gear bike, when you buy records every Saturday... and you want to tell me that the money you have shouldn't be spent on servers that their boss don't pay enough..that it's not your problem and that there are poor people who need it more. well buddy, that may be true but there are people who need your money more then your fucking stereo system being upgraded and your 70 dollar hair cuts and you cell phone bills when you could have a home phone, and your trip's to Mexico and your guitar you need to buy and every other fucking bullshit thing you buy that you don't fucking NEED do. SO DON'T LECTURE ME, DON'T BE A HYPOCRITE AND FUCK YOURSELF....
just as a side note, the person i had a debate with, i do not have a problem with. i'm not even that mad at him, he's a sweet person and whatever...I'm sure he is poor and has a hard time but then at the same time..don't go out for dinner if you can't afford it and it just brought up feelings on all the other cheap assholes in the city i deal with every day.
sometimes my job is really chill, relaxing, boss is nice etc...sometimes shitty people ruin my day and shitty people that are ignorant hypocrites are the fucking WORST of them all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


it REALLY does.
my best friend is leaving in less than a week. i have never felt such a loss before. and although i should be happy for her (and deep down i truly am)...all i can do right now is cry.
call me a baby, i call it human. i love her more then most people can understand. she is the most loving and caring person i know and although they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, i think it fucking sucks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

getting bromantic

today i woke up thinking i had the energy to do a shitload more then i usually do...but then there was the bus ride home this morning that involved listening to a women who must have been under the impression American idle auditions where taking place ON the bus. And then there was the yelling everyone does while your stopped at a red light for the "BACK DOOR PLEASE" when it's not even the fucking stop yet. And THEN there was when i got off the bus, walked by the bus, only to see the crazy bus driver gesturing crazy hands at me to which i thought..why the fuck is she yelling at me!? So i flipped her the bird, she flipped out on me, and we both basically RUINED each others day. soooooo i wasn't really in the mood for ANYTHING after that.

so then this is where i went with my day.
i called up a man who i just adore and don't see enough anymore, to come over and drink hot beverages and play cards with me at my house (also known as my winter cabin in the middle of nowhere). it was the perfect way to mellow out, spend time with the most mellow person i know. Plus he brought samosas, so you can't hate on that. anyhoo...he's a real "bro" and every time i see him i realize more and more how much i enjoy his company.i'm also seeing more and more that he's pretty funny (i mean i guess I'll give him that)

so here is my friend shout out...first one in a while. i heart this guy, almost as much as i heart this picture!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a reason to have a baby.

I've always liked OTHER people's babies. never have i seen myself as a mother, as i am not a patient person and am a wee bit selfish sometimes.
lately my maternal instincts have been driving me crazy though. today a little baby that was only 2 weeks old came into to my work (walked RIGHT in..i know..amazing!) and it nearly killed me!
obviously i slapped myself out of it, thought about the 6 shots of tequila i had last night and realized that there is no good reason for me to have a baby!!

except this one: