Thursday, February 19, 2009

uninspired... what i am, and have been for so long now, that it's just getting stupid.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

nobody's business but mine!

to go into details of what I'm about to talk about would make me a hypocrite so i won't say names or what exactly I'm going on about. but I'll just say this, when people i know little about, go around telling people very personal information about me, it doesn't just make me angry, it baffles me. here I'm thinking i blend in, nobody even really knows me, other then i used to date, didn't date for a while and then am dating again, Jake. I'm mostly nervous to go to a lot of shows and such because I'm sorta shy and i feel like i don't actually know anyone. sure i have friends, enough of them. but many of them don't go out anymore much like myself, so i won't exactly see too much of them when I'm tagging along to some drunken every one's too cool for me situation.
I've made a lot of mistakes, i make rash and selfish decisions when I'm feeling self conscious or lonely. because i assume I'm a nobody in this town, i also assume those decisions stay between my close friends and i.
apparently this is not so. people apparently love spreading said decisions around the city, and i guess I'm more famous then i thought, sadly for all the wrong reasons and all spread by people that literally know NOTHING about me.
i am a good person, who does stupid things. so are all of you, so before you go around talking shit, like you're 16 years old, try and think about all the bullshit you've pulled in your life first.

sometimes i wish more people read this so i could tell such idiots to fuck off and leave me alone. the past is the past, and the people who matter to me, are still in my life and still matter to me (as i matter to them) so you have nothing to go on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

fucking DON'T STOP it.

obsessing about fleetwood mac: only a chick thing

FUCKING stop IT!!!!

Air drumming: only a dude thing

SUgar daDdy

"meet me down town baby, i wanna take you shopping!"

"buy anything you want"