Friday, October 30, 2009


aw man!!!
i REALLY wish i had a front door to give out candy. my favourite part about this holiday is seeing the adorable kids in there stupid adorable costumes!!
my womb EXPLODED when i saw this!
give me a baby, a pot and a lobster costume right fucking now before i FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

boo hoo.

"each stage i go through in life has it's ugly face.
and i write only when i believe it's been shown."

i wrote that a long time ago.
i suppose that remains true for me. but why my misery leads to my inspiration... will always, ALWAYS irritate the shit of me.

my muse.


i make fun of myself a lot, cause whenever i use film and get it back, i always have a creepy amount of photo's of this guy. if i didn't throw out half my photo's i'd have a serious collection. but i guess it's just cause he's the most fun to take photo's of...i guess. hahah..errr....i suppose he's my photo muse... i never thought about it until now.



damaged eyes and chubby fingers.
i hang around where my pain lingers.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i need a five star first gear daily planner.

i keep forgetting to wake up!

wish you were here. too.

you should try talking to yourself.

me: it was sunny out today. did you manage to get outside?
myself: shit, it was?

wish i could.

sail away.
fly away.
run away.

Monday, October 26, 2009



me myself by myself

as it seems the only time I'm feeling creative is alone, i chose to take a lot of pictures of myself. and even if that were not the case, i often feel unnatural with a camera pointing at other people. i rush the process and the end result often suffers. i also usually hate all my photo's of "things"
so here we are once more.
self portraits of myself in portrait form taken by: myself.


i am my own worst frienemy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what else have you been doing under that rock

apart from watching movies and tv on the internet with the big bear, i have been keeping up with my flower arranging. (as well this summer i really worked on my yard and keeping as many planters alive as i could) once every two weeks i make about 7 mini boquets for the house. they all usually look similar as i keep to the same colour skeem and only have soo much money too spend at a time. but then the next week, i pick a different skeem.

they go great with my figurines and salt and pepper shakers


i don't usually submerge my head in the ocean.

it used to be because i didn't like to get my hair wet.
but's simply i don't like it.

see, i'm worried i'll go under, get lost, and i won't come back up.
the ocean is just too strong for me.

so i think i'll stick to it's surface.
i think i'll continue to keep my head above water.

self portrait.

playing dress up. cut in half.

i'm back i guess

not really sure why, i have nothing to say. but comes the winter, comes looking for things to do.
suppose i'll try and write a little. maybe post a funny thing or two. who knows.
but here's some pictures i've taken with the ol digital over the last 5 months or so.