Monday, December 29, 2008


ya ya..The years do seem to go by faster and faster. Thing is, they DO because you can't believe that THAT much shit actually happened in just one year. When you were a kid/pre teen/teen the things that happened, the excitement, the change, the depression in your life happened but over three years instead of 6 months.

Twenty o8 was an epic year of long term relationships coming to an end. Some of which I cried about more then the people involved did.
For me, I broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together. Crushed and was crushed by one man.
I had quite a bit of short term "friendships" too

I may hate America as a whole but I don't hate all American’s and I don't hate some of their beautiful cities and country side. Anyway…they finally stood up for change this year. Even if most of them don't understand what it's really going to take people to do to ACTUALLY change. But I say, a want for change is at least a start.
Black prez… that's pretty awesome. OH and there's the little issue of Wall Street and them being on the verge of another depression. Ps. did I mention we aren’t doing so hot either?

John McCain said “my friends” 24 times during the town hall debate. Which if you were playing the drinking game would have really fucked you up.

California made gay marriage illegal again. Fucking ridiculous.

Many friends moved away this year. Some came back long enough for me to feel like they never left, only to leave again.
I bonded more with some people, grew apart from many

On the hill's Spencer and Heidi got married..or did they?
On young and the restless Catharine Chancler died and Victor Newman died….or did they?

I went to two other countries.
I fell in love with one.

OJ Simpson went to jail! 8 years after he was supposed too. For a totally different thing!
The Canadian dollar was at it's highest since a long ass time
Metro Vancouver had its most snow since a long ass time ago

My dearest friend became an aunt
My longest friend had sex with twins at the same time.

I had 4 jobs this year!

I went through 5 roommates. I’m not a bad roommate honestly…it was all for different reasons. I am happy with the end results.

I inherited 6 cameras. As a result I decided to get back into photography. It’s been a slow start, but the love is still there and I feel creative again. I also started this blog. Then I deleted it. Then I started it again.

Pirates came back with a vengeance!

This time it was not Johnny Dep in pirates of the Caribbean 72 but real pirates…Somalian pirates.
“Taking advantage of a country without a stable government, the pirates attacked more than 90 vessels this year, seizing almost 40, and raked in some US$30mil (RM95mil) in ransom.”

I had Christmas at my house this year. My sister came to visit which meant I was to spend the holidays with family for the first time in over 7 years. So I got a tree, bought presents (went broke) and I decided to make a huge Christmas dinner, turkey and the works.
My sister only ate mashed potatoes. But I love her anyway and at least we refreshed ourselves on Walt Disney and Star Trek. Watching 4 movies of each.

I hope to spend new years with Jake, Jenni and Jeff, drinking wine and loving my life because I’m pretty lucky, and it’s been pretty good so far.

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