Wednesday, December 10, 2008

blog jamming during the winter nights

It's no secret to most of my loved ones that I'm not always a pleasant person to be around during the long winter months. you could say I'm a bit of a depressed Debbi, a sad sally, a miserable Monah, a mopey Mindy etc etc. but due to a couple of things I've decided to do this year, I'm feeling not too shabby. I'm still as much of a hermit as always but this time...I'm fucking loving it. there's nothing I'd rather do lately then to come home, drink wine, blog a bit, order curry, snuggle with my amazing cat and watch old movies. I've been on a Walter Matthau train lately and i don't think i want to get off anytime soon. my house is a comfy winter cabin with cable and a pile of movies begging to be watched. it's like taking a personal day for months. as Jake and Erin would say "a personal month" but more like a personal SEASON.
i don't go out too much and therefore i don't see too many people. the best part is, i don't feel bad about it AT ALL.
anyway here's my motivation for staying home: (you tell me you wouldn't do the same)

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Amanda said...

Girlfriend, I'm with you. This is the time of year we're supposed to hermit! I'll see you come Spring.