Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long live something

Serina Nell. Friend shout out# 6
I have not kept in touch with many people from my childhood. I used to feel bad about it but the more i've grown and the more wonderful people i meet as the years go by, i don't.

You're personality changes, so who you at age 7 is obviously nowhere near who you are at 24. Most of the time you're lucky to have a friend that changes with you throughout the school years let alone the rest of your life following. I did not like a lot of kids my age growing up and i don't think they even knew who i was and i certainly don't regret moving away from all of them.

In grade 8 i met one girl who's grown with me since then. No one before then and no one really after (Mind you my last 2 years living in kelowna were also spent getting to know some pretty great people)

I just want to say i'm glad she's the one person i kept in touch with from those days. She's taught me to be strong, not to think to hard about bullshit, what other people think and to live life the way i WANT to live it. which is the way everyone should live really.

She's inspired me and showed's ok to be crazy.

i don't see her often but she's still close to my heart. These days i'd sum her up in one word: twins!!

Long live great friendships that came to you when you needed it the matter how late in the game.

and long live the ones that stick around and the ones you want to stick around for.

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