Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i know i'm home...

i cried over a ramote control confusion last night and threw a temper tantrum. i fell asleep teary eyed feeling guilty. i woke up at 7 to the sound of one parent's meltdown and i stared at the ceiling feeling guilty. i went out for breakfast. i knocked over hot coffee on the other parents lap and i sat there feeling guilty. i went to pee. i had a melt down while i sat on the toilet. and i think i made everyoe else feel guilty so i cried in the bathroom stall feeling guilty.
my mom bought me clothes and a bang trim today and i felt pretty guilty.

i tell ya what i don't feel like. what i don't feel like is the daughter you wish you always had, that's what i don't feel like.

1 comment:

weird seance said...

next time you have a 'meltdown' in the bathroom, maybe you should keep that to yourself. gross.