Monday, November 2, 2009



I put in my order for fish and chips
tied my hair back with paper clips
can't see past the edge of reason
when i feel like committing treason
take deep breathes cause we're going down
visiting hours in shades of brown
i believed all lies and chose to be dumb
opened legs to feel a comforting numb
now, soon, here and once there after
what's overrated is the sound of laughter
i am precarious, wary and weak
looking for the injured, listless and bleak
never was i clear on rights and wrongs
i don't belt but whisper songs
our children would be born with paws for hands
whilst endlessly wishing that love expands
driving down a highway headed south
bound feet, closed eyes and covered mouth
in search of a home neither here nor there
but somewhere i know trees still make air
so if future exists the way it promised me
we can all go home, sit there...
..and just BE...