Friday, January 16, 2009

getting bromantic

today i woke up thinking i had the energy to do a shitload more then i usually do...but then there was the bus ride home this morning that involved listening to a women who must have been under the impression American idle auditions where taking place ON the bus. And then there was the yelling everyone does while your stopped at a red light for the "BACK DOOR PLEASE" when it's not even the fucking stop yet. And THEN there was when i got off the bus, walked by the bus, only to see the crazy bus driver gesturing crazy hands at me to which i thought..why the fuck is she yelling at me!? So i flipped her the bird, she flipped out on me, and we both basically RUINED each others day. soooooo i wasn't really in the mood for ANYTHING after that.

so then this is where i went with my day.
i called up a man who i just adore and don't see enough anymore, to come over and drink hot beverages and play cards with me at my house (also known as my winter cabin in the middle of nowhere). it was the perfect way to mellow out, spend time with the most mellow person i know. Plus he brought samosas, so you can't hate on that. anyhoo...he's a real "bro" and every time i see him i realize more and more how much i enjoy his company.i'm also seeing more and more that he's pretty funny (i mean i guess I'll give him that)

so here is my friend shout out...first one in a while. i heart this guy, almost as much as i heart this picture!


Amanda said...

Not to mention that he's a SERIOUSLY HOT BABE. Am I allowed to say that?

liz said...

yes..because it's true.