Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charles Bukowski

SHE SAID from: War All the Time

what are you doing
with all those paper napkins in your car?
we dont have napkins like that

how come your car radio
is always turned to some rock and roll station?
do you drive around withsome young thing?

you're dripping tangerine juice
on the floor.

whenever you go into the kitchen
this towel gets wet and dirty,
why is that?

when you let my bathwater run
you never clean the tub first.

why don't you put
your tooth brush
backin the rack?

you should always dry
your razor

sometimes I think you
hate my cat.

Martha says you were downstairs
sitting with her
and youhad your pants off.

you shouldn't wear those
$100 shoes
in the garden

and you don't keep track of
what you plant out there
that's dumb

you must always set
the cat's bowl back
in the same place.

don't bake fish
in a frying pan...

I never saw anybody
harder on the brakes
of their car than you.

let's goto a movie.

listen what's wrong with you?
you act depressed.

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